Add custom permission to your account

Adding custom permissions is a great way to protect and secure your account and funds. A custom permission is basically a key that can only perform the actions you allow it to perform. This could be a key, that is only allowed to claim rewards and vote, which means if you add that key to a device or app which is infected by malware. And they get hold of your key, all they can ever do is claim your rewards, and vote with your tokens.

It get's even more interesting when you look at giving custom permissions to different dapps, where you could allow a key to sign aspects of prospectors, but nothing else. This makes it safe and secure to use. 

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Create Offline Generated Private Keys v1

In this course you will learn how to create offline generated keys. These are highly secure and a great solution for your EOSIO keys. You will need 2 USB thumbdrives to get through all steps. 

This course will be updated and the provided ISO will have future updates. 

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