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WAX sw/eden

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WAX sw/eden is a guild candidate for the WAX protocol Blockchain. We run and maintain our infrastructure in house on locations spread out over Sweden.
We are experts in IT security, infrastructure and the EOSIO blockchain software.

Below you will find links to valuable tools,
marketplaces and resources on the WAX Blockchain

WAX NFT Marketplaces

All WAX Marketplaces that support Atomicassets has a shared inventory of NFTs. If you list NFTs on one marketplace, it is also available on the others.

Atomichub - The most populare marketplace that is userfriendly and fast. Supports Atomicassets NFTs.

NFThive - Marketplace with Big and powerful bulk tools, data and much more. supports both Atomicassets and Simpleassets NFTs.

WAX Stash - Marketplace with minimalistic UI. Supports both Atomicassets and Simpleassets NFTs.

ChainChamps - Marketplace with live NFT feed, pack simulation and much more. Supports Atomicassets NFTs.

NeftyBlocks - Marketplace built to help collectors manage and create NFTs, packs and blending. Supports Atomicassets NFTs.

Simplemarket - Marketplaces for Simpleassets NFTs

WAX Developer Resources

There are a lot of developer resources created for WAX. On top of that, you can search for general EOSIO information, as the WAX Blockchain is based on EOSIO and works in the same way.

WAX developer docs - Developer docs created by the WAX team, but taken over and maintained by the Office of Inspector Generals with the assistance of the Guilds.

EOSIO developer portal - Great set of tools to help you understand the ins and outs of EOSIO.

WAX public API's - A Dynamicly generated list of public and working API's for WAX. Consist of multiple types of API's, Hyperion for history, v1 for get_info, push nodes and atomic API's for NFTs.
Provided by eosnation.

WAX Testnet - We have set up an Account and token faucet, as well as some quick start guides.

WAX Node Guides - Created by Ross from Eosphere, one of the guilds on WAX. This article series will help you to get started running your own nodes.
You find them on his Medium.
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Atomicasset docs - Information on how Atomicassets works. The most common and most supported NFT standard on WAX.

Simpleassets docs - Information on how Simpleassets works.

WAX APT Repo - We maintain an APT repo for easy install of WAX.

WAX Block Explorers

Block explorers allow you to explore and interact with the WAX Blockchain. 

Bloks - The most populare Block explorers with full wallet and smart contract interaction.

EOS Authority - Block explorer filled with live features to observe the WAX Blockchain. Got full wallet and smart contract interactions.

EOSX - One of the early block explorers that is good to remember when the others fail you. This is because some of the newer features are not always working properly.

WAX Content Creators

There are many content creators writing, talking and creating materials that benefit the WAX ecosystem. Below you find a few of the bigger and more active creators.

AnyObservation - Part of WAX sw/eden, creating education content, interviews and covering a big portion of the WAX NFT space. | YouTube | The Academy

NFTInsider - Part of the Pink Network team, covering the WAX NFT space, great source of the latest NFT news.

Burst Of Energy - Sharing his big love for NFTs through NFT livestreams and Interviews.

TheUplifters - Almost daily streams and interviews covering their own project and interviewing other NFT projects on WAX and the NFT world.

Queen Cristalla (spanish) - Covering the NFT scene and working with one of the guilds on WAX, 3dkrender, where they also create guides and tutorials. | Articles