sw/eden Summer Update

Is it summer, or Winter?
At times, I don't know, the weather is warm and nice, but the markets are cold and unpleasant. 
However, the WAX ecosystem continues to bloom! More projects are launching, big names are dropping NFTs, games are providing updates, releasing new features or entirely new games and ecosystems. We have seen updates to the cloud wallet that enables users to interact with WAX without having to buy a big portion of WAXP to stake for resources, instead they are now able to pay as they go. 

The Office Of Inspector Generals election

During the last weeks, we have had the latest election into the OIG. Josep, who has helped shape the OIG and Guild guidelines from the start, was once again elected into his position and will continue to work there for the next 18 months. He is in a good position to do the job in the markets ahead. If you don't really know what they are doing in that office, what their job is, or why there even was an election. The Academy has lessons breaking down the details. - https://academy.anyo.io/course/wax-office-of-inspector-generals/

On top of that, this video breaks down the election, and is also a TLDR for the above. And it comes with an interview with the two candidates which is posted on Medium. - https://anyobservation.medium.com/the-wax-governance-update-oig-election-time-a16eb9071ed4

What we have been focusing on

In the past year, we have experienced some issues with one of the Datacenters we have machines in. There has been power issues, network issues, and a large extent of these issues are actually outside of their control. The powergrid has been shut down, without warning for prolonged times, so all backup power that was there, did not last. The Fiber connections as well. Now, since this did not stop, we have been actively searching for a new location, and we have finally found one to test, and where we managed to move all main API infrastructure. This location is currently working on expanding their operation and adding solar panels which will cover majority of all power, as well as multiple layers of backup power in case something happens. We hope that this location will serve us better than the other one. Currently we have machines 5 locations in Sweden, and we rent some backup machines in other countries for reliability. 

For us, spreading out the WAX nodes into more powergrids, fiberlines and locations than just the few big Datacenters is important. We are proponents for a Decentralized solution. And it can not truely be decentralized if it's all run in machines that are controlled by Amazon, google, hetzner and OVH. While being protected by cloudflare, an issue we have seen in the past. Now, some services might do better in these Datacenters, without really having an impact on the Decentralization of validator and peering nodes of the WAX Blockchain. There is a time and place for everything.  

Summer is here

I don't know about where you live, but in Sweden, the whole country slows down in the summer. People have vacations, they travel, businesses has less employees available and overall every business is impacted by this. I hope that you don't sit all day and focus on the graphs and markets in the cryptosphere, but also take this time to take a step back, find what is important in life, and work on that. I know we do, which means, we continue to work on providing as good service as we can towards WAX, as well as trying to be outdoors and charge energy for the coming year. 

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