Token Oracle Service

This service is for any project that has a token on WAX, ETH or BSC and want to enable it to move cross blockchains. We are already running this service for Alienworlds and RFOX. For this to be decentralized and reliable we are collaborating with 2 other node operators. Your team can run more oracles or we can find more teams for you.

We run redundant nodes for all three blockchains, and you can choose to enable 2 or more blockchains. If you want us to deploy your Token Contract on one of the blockchains, there will be additional service fees.

Our service helps your token bridge to be a decentralized service.

Token Teleport Service

We operate Your Oracles for Token Transfer

  • The Highest availability
  • WAX, Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain

We have operated blockchain nodes for the last few years, helped launch multiple blockchains and will provide a reliable decentralized solution for your token transfer. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more info.