Commercial History and Notification Services

We have a deep expertise and knowledge in how to best operate WAX Nodes and can do that work for you.
This will enable you to focus on building your product instead of managing the Blockchain Infrastructure. 

We have been operating WAX Nodes since before the WAX Mainnet launched,
On top of that we have helped launch multiple blockchains that utlize the EOSIO Blockchain software.
This is what we do best, let us take that off your hands.

Contract Notifications
in Real Time

Tap into our Notification Service.




  • RealTime Notifications System 
  • Free Tea & Coffee at the NFTFarm
State History Node

We run your State History Node




  • High availability of your node
  • Free Tea & Coffee at the NFTFarm
Custom Thalos

Your Own Thalos Instance, Run by us.

Prices Starting at:




  • Real-time WAX Chain Updates
  • Free Tea & Coffee at the NFTFarm

You can reach us for questions directly over at Telegram