sw/eden May Guild Update

The last month has been... testing a lot of people. The markets are shaky, one of the biggest networks in volume and marketcap crashed in what seemed like no time, and market volume overall has gone down. However, regardless of what happens with the market, the WAX ecosystem continue to drop new content, releases, projects and games. There is something new happening all the time, and it continues to be near impossible to follow it all. This is highly exciting! 

The entire team of sw/eden are big gamers, we love a big variety of games, so we are excited to see more and more exciting games hitting the NFT and crypto ecosystem, where WAX has a bunch of exciting projects. For this reason, we hosted the first, and the biggest community focused e-sport event on WAX. We hosted a Tournament in The Forge Arena, with the goals to make it fun for everyone, regardless of player experience and level. It quickly filled up with contestants and sponsors. We had fun, we learnt a lot, and we have new found respect for teams organizing tournaments, it's a lot of work!

A big portion of our time has been directed towards figuring out why there has been occurrences of missing transactions, and this has hopefully been resolved thanks to many of the guilds working hard and the mandel team adding quick fixes to the eosio code base. 

Our EOSIO Healthcheck for HAProxy

We realized that a lot of teams running API's for WAX was unaware that we built a tool to help monitor the health of nodes behind the loadbalancer to ensure that clients receive up to date data. For this reason we have published a new article where we explain and break down this tool. In short, it will check how far from head block a node is, and if it lags more than x-seconds (customizable) it will be marked as down. And if/when the node is back to sync with the head block, it will automagically be marked as up, and requests can once again go there. - You find the whole article here

On top of that, we published a short general guide on the basics of automating blockchain actions on WAX. For this tutorial we described how you automagically can claim vote rewards. You can find this article on the Anyobservation Academy. 

Infrastructure update

During the last while, one of the location we use has had repeated issues with power and/or networking. For this reason we have actively searched for alternatives and have moved some machines to 2 new locations to test their stability. So far, they have been more reliable and we hope they will continue to be that. During the last power outages, we have had some major bad luck where some hardware died, multiple drives as well as power supplies has gone down. These issues has already been resolved and we have ordered another machine plus more drives we hope to get soon. The WAX network is constantly growing and demanding more and more hardware. The state of the WAX Blockchain is at this time about 90gb, which for optimal performance is best run in RAM. This rapid growth enables us to play with more exciting and powerful hardware, fun!


Over the last months a lot of our time has been directed towards maintenance and figuring out and solving issues. Something that is required to always work on, and at most times rather fun. On top of that, we have had time to create more educational and entertaining content to educate and engage the community. 

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