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In our journey as active members of the Antelope (eosio) ecosystem, we have come to truly appreciate the power of open-source software and the vibrant community that surrounds it. We firmly believe that the future of technology rests in the hands of such thriving communities. Over the years, we have dedicated our efforts to help maintain, test, and build a wide array of tools that are now readily available for the community to use.

How we do it and why we need you!

Our GitHub projects are currently in the caring hands of our teammate Henrik. Even though he's a code ninja and has been doing the heavy lifting, fixing bugs and adding cool features, while the rest of us juggle other tasks that keep our ship sailing smoothly. Sure, we huddle together for brainstorms and all that jazz, but when it comes to shaping the code, Henrik's the maestro.

That's where you hop in! We're all about teamwork here. We think these projects aren't just handy for our squad, but they're little treasure troves for the whole wide community. Because let's be real, it's a whole lot more fun when we're building and creating together, right?

So today, we are extending an open invitation for contributions to our repositories.

Here, you will find a collection of projects within our two GitHub repositories. Some of these are mature products, having been nurtured and grown over the years, while others are sprouting seedlings, representing the forefront of our current development efforts.

We encourage you, whether you're a seasoned developer or someone who's just starting their coding journey, to join us in advancing these projects. You can contribute in multiple ways - from code development, bug reporting, feature suggesting, and testing, to improving documentation and usability.

Let's take a closer look at some of these projects:

Antelope API Healthcheck - HAProxy plugin for Nodeos health status

This is a highly efficient HAProxy plugin built to continuously monitor Nodeos instances. It automatically marks instances as up or down based on the number of blocks it lags behind the current head block.

A must-have tool for load balancing your Nodeos instances.

At sw/eden, we use these to fine grain load balancing among our antelope api nodes.

Antelope Keygen - Generate vanity keys for Antelope chains

A high-performance tool designed to generate custom public keys for any Antelope-based blockchain.

This tool allows you to include your name, or some fun and hidden word inside your public-keys. 

Isn't that something you have always wanted? 😉

We use this software in Antelope Livecd to generate safe offline keys and also to generate "vanity" keys to use for our accounts.

Libantelope - c++ library for public/private key and signature generation, encoding and decoding

A versatile C++ library for signature generation, encoding, and decoding. This is a fundamental building block for many other projects.

Antelope Livecd - Bootable Ubuntu with Antelope softwares

Imagine having a bootable USB packet with useful tools for Antelope chains. That's precisely what Antelope Livecd offers.

It includes Cleos, Keosd, the Anchor wallet, Keepass, Antelope Keygen, and more. facilitating secure offline generation and encryption of key-pairs.

- By default UFW is enabled and blocking incoming traffic. But recommended is to unplug ethernet and wifi while generating any keys.

We use this software to generate safe keys for important accounts that needs high security.

Antelope Ship Client - Golang client for Nodeos State-History Websocket. 

This is a Golang client for Nodeos State-History Websocket, allowing for live or historical chain transactions to be read directly from the nodeos SHIP node.

Atomic API Client - Golang library for atomic api

This is a GO client designed to interact with Atomicasset NFT data through the Atomic API, simplifying the process of working with NFTs.

EOS GO - Golang library by eoscanada

While not directly a part of our projects, we rely heavily on this Golang library by eoscanada. As such, we encourage contributors to assist in its maintenance and ongoing development.

Do you feel inclined to contribute?

Calling all code wizards, bug bounty hunters, and curious cats alike! We've got a mission for you, should you choose to accept it.

  • Stage One: The Clone Wars. Your first task is to clone our repo. But fear not, no actual cloning of sheep or mysterious doppelgangers involved. Just a good old copy-paste job!
  • Stage Two: Unleash the Creative Kraken. Dive deep into the code base. Tinker around, experiment, and most importantly, have fun. Make the code dance to your tunes. See if you can teach it some new tricks, or maybe even a haiku or two!
  • Stage Three: Pull Request Roulette. Found something in the code that tickles your fancy (or raises your eyebrows)? Pull the trigger on a pull request. We're all ears... or, well, eyes... you get the point.
  • Stage Four: Chatty Cathys Unite! Love a good tech chat? You're in luck! Our sw/eden telegram channel is the place to be, always ready for some good old-fashioned natter about our projects. And if you're the type who prefers a one-on-one, drop me a line directly. We're here to help, and we love a good chat.

Remember, the world of coding can sometimes feel like you're navigating a labyrinth while blindfolded and riding a unicycle. But don't worry, we're all in this together - bumps, laughs, and all!

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