Hyperion API Health Check

  • WAX Hyperion registry on chain
  • On chain status of WAX Hyperion API's
  • Heatmaps to show stability over time
  • Telegram channel for latest WAX Hyperion API updates

We have together with EOS RIO Developed a smart contract to show availability for Hyperion API's.
Along with this contract we have created a bot to post updates into a telegram channel whenever
- Hyperion API operator notifies the contract of their status (up or down).
- Whenever someone registers/removes an API
- Whenever admin approves API
In this channel you will be able to get the latest information and updates directly from the providers of Hyperion on WAX. 

Telegram Channel & Heatmaps of Hyperion API's

In the telegram channel we will at a random interval share updated heatmaps of the available Hyperion API's. 
This is intended to help DAPPs choose API's that are shown to be stable over time. 

For the heatmaps, each minute we query all Hyperion API's on WAX to check if they are fully synced.
The darker green, the closer it is to headblock at that current time.
The heatmap can be used as an indicator on reliability and stability of the available API's.  

How to register and maintain your Hyperion API on chain

To register and maintain your Hyperion API in the on chain smart contract is rather straight forward. 
Smart contract: hyperionapis

     Register api
        $ cleos push action hyperionapis regapi '[ "<account>", "<name>", "<api_url>", "<contact_url>" ]'

     Unregister api
        $ cleos push action hyperionapis unregapi '[ "<account>" ]'

     set status up
        $ cleos push action hyperionapis statusup '[ "<account>" ]'

     set status down
        $ cleos push action hyperionapis statusdown '[ "<account>" ]'

Get a table of the current status, address and contact information.

    $ ./wax.sh get table hyperionapis hyperionapis api | jq '.rows[] | select(.status > 0)'

    "account": "waxswedenorg",
    "name": "Sw/eden",
    "url": "https://api.waxsweden.org", 
    "contact": "https://t.me/waxsweden",
    "status": 1

There are also available tables to show requests for 'approval' and 'removal'.


These tools are intended to help DAPPs and developers within the WAX ecosystem. 
With the Telegram channel they can easily stay up to date and find out if there are any issues with any Hyperion API.
They can make a judgement based on data which API that is best suited for their use case. 

We have plans to further enhance this tool in the future. 

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