July sw/eden Update

The WAX guilds and the WAX team has pushed a small but important update to the eosio smart contract. It allows for sorting the producer schedule, which can be utilized to optimize latency between producers to increase performance. This means we have gone from a name sorted schedule into a schedule that is based on the location of guilds. We have been testing this on the WAX testnet for months, it's a minor change and thanks to the OIG it shouldn't come with any issues, or even be noticed at a user level. It should allow us to optimize the time between producers.

You can follow the production of blocks on WAX on eosauthority.

What are the guilds focusing on now?

With the increase in usage of RAM on WAX, we have also seen a increase in price, and it is reaching a level where it make sense to add some sort of RAM inflation. RAM is limited by actual physical hardware, and adding inflation to RAM, as it is on EOS, could potentially make it harder for DAPPs, marketplaces and exchanges to run their infrastructure. The addition of more RAM will come with higher requirements of hardware, and potentially other issues that is not to be neglected. For this reason we, as well as many other guilds have been discussing the potential situations that could emerge by adding more RAM to the WAX blockchain, what that could lead to, and how we can deal with it. We believe that it is highly important for us to really think this through, and figure out what can happen and how to solve it, before the issues are around the corner. 

Most likely there will be an increase of RAM, it kind of has to for artists and DAPPs to build on WAX longterm. On EOS, they add RAM per every new block, which is probably what we will see on WAX as well.

How it will work and when/if it will be implemented is something we will keep communicating for you to follow.

Our API ratelimiting

We continue to monitor and work on our rate limiting, as of now, we do not have any specifics to share. We are still in the process of testing, monitoring, re-testing, and optimizing the whole infrastructure. We have been reallocating portions of the API infrastructure into new devices with hopes of adding capacity and performance. 

Full details on the public API will be shared as soon as we have finalized the first set level.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us

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