October Guild Update

A new month has passed, extremely fast in the WAX NFT space. We have seen record high month of NFT trade volume on the WAX Blockchain, with many new upcoming collections and games to embrace. We think this progress is super fun, specially considering it's not that long ago since the WAX Mainnet was launched, this future promise of a purpose built blockchain for NFTs... It's truely becoming a reality! 

Tech Update

Over the last month we have continued to work on our API infrastructure, where we have another fully synced hyperion cluster, as well as done a lot of optimizations on our rediscluster. This is slowly going to be the live version and you will hopefully notice a way higher load capacity moving forward on our API. 

Until this is done, we can not publicly go out with the current ratelimits, because this is going to continue to change in the near future. But our hopes and expectations is that less people will be ratelimited so you can get all the information you want. 

We released a new product for EOSIO node operators

This is a tool we have been using in our API backend for a long time. It's a eosio healthcheck for haproxy, which helps you manage load balancing and failover of your nodes. Check it out on our github. https://github.com/eosswedenorg/eosio-api-healthcheck

Education Platform

On top of that, we are currently working on an educational platform over at the anyobservation world. The first course that is coming out is aimed to be a huge WAX Beginner guide that hopefully will be referenced for new users, developers, curious people or anyone who wishes to refresh their knowledge. 

Currently there are over 20 lessons built out in the WAX Beginner course, and we intend to add multiple video walkthroughs as well as a Chinese translation of the entire course (with the help of a 3rd party). 

We had hopes that this was going to be out already, but It was a bit overconfident and it takes much more time than anticipated. Hopefully it will be released before the next month update. 

The WAX Defi Model

I hope you as a reader is aware of the WAX defi model that is taking place on Ethereum, where you as a user has a chance to take part in the big NFT sales on WAX. All NFT trades on WAX has a DEFI fee built in, that fee is being transferred to Ethereum and distributed to all participants in the WAX DEFI model. With the current record high trade volume on WAX, it does seem to be the highest payout so far. 

If you wish to know more about the WAX defi model, you can watch the videos Anders made on it, keep in mind that some details has been changed by the WAX team, but the big picture is the same. 

A detailed explanation of the model

Walkthrough of how to participate

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