Wow, 2021 has passed, and that was a truely amazing year for the growth of WAX. We now have over 10m Accounts, over 100m NFTs, and many upcoming projects. There is way more development happening on WAX than any 1 person can follow, amazing!

With the start of 2022, we are launching 2 new services that we offer more broadly to the community, before now, we have only allowed a limited amount of projects to ensure we can optimize everything required. The first Service is a Commercial API and Notification Service and a cross Blockchain Token teleport service, something we are already operating for Alienworlds and RFOX

On top of that, we continue to work on the Academy, and have optimized the already published content, as well as released more, like how the WAX Defi works, and what the Inspector Generals are actually doing. 

The Commercial API and Notification service

We have been operating WAX Nodes since before the Mainnet officially launched. We have helped launch and secure many EOSIO based blockchains since we started the first ever public community testnet on EOS, way before the EOS Mainnet launched. This has helped us gain experience and the highest level of expertise in how to optimize and operate the WAX infrastructure in a reliable way. 

We are, and will continue to, provide a full history API open and freely available for everyone. This is something we believe is a core feature and that have to exist for any public blockchain. Without easy access to the history of the chain, is it really a public chain? However, with the growth of the WAX Network, and the increased amount of Bots for games, marketplaces and exchanges, our Public API is under a constant and high load, which result in the requirement of harsh ratelimit to offer any kind of public service. 

Now, there are a lot of Applications, marketplaces and games growing on WAX, this is amazing. But relying on the public API's, although great to launch, is not a fully reliable option long-term. You need a reliable way to get all the information you need, and running the WAX nodes internally can be a challenge, as well as expensive. 

This is why we are launching two service out of the gate. One is personal access to State History Nodes are are running. That means you can get all the information of the WAX Blockchain and relay that information to your needs. This is great for any team that has the inhouse expertise to deserialize this data and handle it in any way you want. 

The second service is a notification service, that you can utilize for your Game, program or DAPP. Where you can get real time notification based on the contracts you need, let's say a user performs an action inside your contract and you want to get notified by that, or trigger something offchain. This can help with that process. Perhaps you want Telegram Notifications for whenever a user signs up inside your game, or something similar. By default we can offer a telegram bot service for you, but we also have the capabilities of adapting it to your teams personal needs. 

The Cross Blockchain Token Teleport Service

For this service, we are operating our own Infrastructure for WAX, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This enables us to offer a reliable oracle service to help teleport your projects Tokens over the Blockchain Borders. 

We have already been working with the Alienworld Team on this since their token teleport opened up, which has given us a lot of time to optimize our hardware, software and notification system. This allowed us to take on a second teleport service for the RFOX team, something that we find very exciting and are grateful towards this oportunity. These two teams are pioneers in the space and we are honored to assist in any way we can. 

Since the last year has helped us build out a strong foundation, we are now ready to open this service up for even more teams. Now, operating a single oracle teleport service is not decentralized, nor is it super reliable. For this sake, we are teaming up with EOS Amsterdam and BlocksBarcelona to offer this as a team of three. That make sure that we do not have a single point of faliure, and can offer a reliable service. The level of trust and decentralization you gain from multiple transparent node operators are essential for any level of trust from the users. 

If your project is looking for ways to teleport your token across multiple blockchains, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will be in touch for a conversation. You can find us on telegram:

The Academy

The WAX Beginner course is growing and soon we have all the aspects that could be of interest for a brand new user, as well as a more experienced user that want to utilize the WAX Blockchain in a bigger and more secure way. As soon as all the content is ready, we will start to push this more frequently on social media channels to help bring more awareness of WAX and all the aspects surrounding it. 

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