The WAX team has picked us!

We have the great honor to serve the WAX community as an elected guild. We are very excited about this, and we have a lot of great ideas for how to help grow the tech back-end of the blockchain as well as the community of WAX in the near and long future. 

Short summary of our background

Our name ‘sw/eden’ is a gamification of our GEOlocation and ‘south west eden’, which is the paradise on earth which is found by turning the world upside down with the power of blockchain technology. It's a fictional place, or dream, that attempts to describe the paradise we hope to locate with blockchain technology. 

Our EOSIO journey started by co-creating the first community testnet ‘the superhero testnet’ of EOS. From there our team and hardware has grown. We were among the first elected block producers on EOS, where we got the honor to produce the first block on the activated chain. We have since then advised, participated and helped launch and maintain the infrastructure for multiple blockchains and projects built on EOSIO. We are together with the other teams of the tech collective Ghostbusters currently building the blockchain infrastructure for Liberland, among other fun stuff.

Tech - the nerdy and fun stuff

We run 100% bare-metal infrastructure that is totally in our control, this means we can easily scale our operation up and down in accordance to the needs of the network. You can find details on the machines we use for wax here. Our machines ranges from smaller setups for firewalls and load balancers to machines with 768gb ram, few TB of really cool NVME discs and more fun stuff! We of course have machines running both AMD and Intel to find the best tweaks to optimize performance, security and resilience. 

We run API's both v1 and v2 (hyperion) for all chains we are participating in, these are open and freely available for anyone to utilize.  You can play around with hyperion here:

All our bare-metal servers are located in Sweden. 

If you want more details just poke Anders in one of the WAX channels or send a message to Anders 

Public info

API, v1 and v2 (Hyperion)
API: http/