WAX Showcase update

Almost a month has passed since we received the honorable vote to become an active guild on the WAX protocol blockchain. This post is our way to fill in the community on some of our work we are doing behind the scenes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to poke Anders on telegram. 


In the last month we have made sure our infrastructure for WAX is tight, for that we have upgraded certain aspects of our operation. The optimization is a constant work in progress and will continue to be one of our major areas where time is spent. One of the aspects we have been working on is that if EOSIO is under high CPU stress, the free leeway that everyone is used to take part of is closed and an account with little WAX staked towards CPU will not be able to send a transaction.  To solve this we have started to test the execution time of our API-nodes multiple times per day.  In addition to the tests we have put up dedicated peering between our push-api and multiple producers of WAX. We also moved our push-api to run on a 5ghz CPU to make sure we reduce the risk of creating our execution time as the bottleneck. We also make sure our API cluster has more bandwidth available than needed, as a safety measure. 

Our API should therefor be just as reliable on low and high load.
If you want you can set it as standard in Scatter: https://api.waxsweden.org:443

You can now apt-get install WAX

​You are now able to install WAX on ubuntu 18.04 simply by doing the following (during our tests on a laptop it took 47 seconds to perform all steps and have WAX installed and ready to engage).

Easiest way to install WAX ( For sys-admins, devs & Nerds <3 )

01 ​Get our SSL Key

​$ curl https://apt.​waxsweden.org/key 2> /dev/null | sudo apt-key add -

02 ​Add our repository 

​$ sudo apt-add-repository -y 'deb [arch=amd64] https://apt.​waxsweden.org/​wax bionic stable'

$ sudo apt-get update

03 ​Install WAX

​$ sudo apt-get install wax

This enables you to play with the software and utilize Cleos, which is the command line interface to WAX. This enables the nerdier person to play with the best wallet in our point of view. The wallet may not have all the beautiful buttons, but it is fast, reliable and adaptable. Plus, your keys stay as safe as you keep your computer, and you never need to expose them to a 3rd party wallet. It's also a great way to generate new keys. The best practice is to generate keys on a computer that is never again exposed to the internet. 


We have started to reach out about WAX to the Chinese community

We have started to share information and news about WAX towards the Chinese community, this is done through our Bihu page and wechat group.
You can read our first post about wax here: EOS sw/eden | EOS姊妹链WAX简介系列:什么是WAX通证?
Second post about our APT for WAX: WAX sw/eden | 我们给WAX提供的高级软件包工具(APT)服务

Announcement channel where you will find news and updates from the community. Stuff that you may or may not find in the WAX team official channels. Our goal with this community outlet is to find a middle ground for Guilds, developers and community members to get important message out to the entire community. The WAX channels are sometimes overflown by messages and it may be hard to keep track of the most important updates and information, this is where the Community news outlet comes to play.

We are one of the admins that are allowed to post in this group, and more could be added. So if you have anything you would like to share to the community, just poke Anders. One important aspect is to make sure we do not flood you with messages, but rather share important updates to keep you informed. 

​We revived our vote-monitor

During the upgrade to WAX 1.8.4, our vote monitor died... RIP.
We have however gone back into the cave, found a philosophers stone and revived it, it's now working again!

We are able to host custom vote monitor's for guilds and proxies, this is a room on telegram where you will only receive related voting activities. I.ex. if you run the kaefersproxy, your room will only get the messages when someone delegates or removes votes from your proxy. If you are interested, poke Anders on telegram and he can set it up. 

As an example we have a public channel with all of the votes happening onchain. 

This is our public sw/eden vote channel


We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to provide the best experience for users of WAX. While this is our highest priority, we are working on providing tools for users (vote monitor, community media outlet), developers and other system admins (apt-get service). 

On top of this, we are working on more aspects that will engage the community. 

Contact info

Twitter: https://twitter.com/waxsweden
Website: https://waxsweden.org
API: https://api.waxsweden.org/

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