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Lesson 2 Chapter 1

Overall, following this guide and generating keys in a safe and secure matter is rather simple. if you have basic computer knowledge you should be able to perform all steps. However keep in mind that you are responsible for what you are doing. 

The use of this bootable USB will be as safe as you treat it. If you expose the device to internet, download something or in any other way open up for a potential attack, that will be on you. The device will load onto the RAM of your computer and is not supposed to save anything on your hard drive. The RAM should be cleared on a reboot so your keys should be safe. I say should because I don't want to imply certainty. Remember that your device is only as safe as you treat it. 

When you turn off the computer which you booted on the USB, nothing is saved. So anything you want to keep has to be copied to a separate device, i.ex. a USB thumbdrive. This means that any key you generated needs to be extracted or it will be removed. Further down in the course you will learn how you can do that, and how you can encrypt your keys to add another security layer on top of the key. 

How you should treat the booted machine

If you can choose, use a machine which doesn't have wifi, if not, make sure you don't connect to wifi once booted unless you want to push a transaction onto the blockchain.

If you for some reason open a browser, you could expose yourself to some kind of script that log what you do on your device, so don't risk that. Everything you need should already be downloaded and pre-installed for you to use.  

Make sure you create one or multiple backups of your generated keys

This step, all though I expect you to grasp that by now, is very important to follow. Create paper copies or encrypted digital copies of your keys. 

Remember, if you use a printer to print your key, it is likely stored in your printer and can be accessed by a hacker. If you would want to print your key anyway, please do so with a printer that has 0 access to any network and only work through cable. Better safe than sorry. 

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