Create account on WAX testnet

The WAX testnet is a perfect place for you to learn, interact and explore the WAX blockchain. Here you can make mistakes and test stuff without any major issues. Perfect place to try to set custom permissions for your account. 

How to create an account<account>

Take the above link and change <account> to your account name. You are limited to 1 free account per 24h.
It has to be 12 characters (a-z and 1-5 are allowed). For example if you want the accountname: waxisawesome

Simply add that to the end of the link like this:

Or fill out the form below

The site will look like above, and you can add the keys to any wallet. The keys and account above still has the provided keys and are available for whomever grabs it 😉 

You can see the account on bloks

How to get some tokens<account>

Same procedure as for account, simply swap the <account> to your account name. You are limited to 1000 free tokens per 24h. 
So if your accountname is waxisawesome add that in the end of the link:

It will give you the following message: 

{"msg": "succeeded"}

PS, you get 100 tokens per time you visit that link. 

If you need any help, just poke us on telegram

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