November Guild update

Wow, what a month! 

During the last month, One of the Datacenters we use went down without power, for long enough that the backup generators went down. This entire process made one of our main machines die.. fully.. and we are unable to start it again. auch!

But with all hardtimes, come lessons and opportunities!
We have now bought a few, yep, few new machines for our WAX infrastructure, including a producer, main indexer and new load balancer for the API. We are also looking at buying even more hardware, fun times!
Look at the beauty below, lovely toy for the World of WAX. 

The Academy

So! Our new educational platform finally has a soft launch of the first course. It's not 100% complete, but rather it is published for you to check it out, provide feedback, and help us complete it. Currently there are 21 lessons published, each lesson is really a topic that hopefully will help you and newcomers to better understand WAX and the ecosystem we have. There are more topics coming including but not limited to the Governance system, Defi system, Carbon Neutral chain and a few more technical areas. As well as videos describing the lessons to complement the written materials. -

On top of this course, we are working on a beginners course in NFTs as well as how to prevent scams and protect your stash when trading NFTs. 

We hope that these courses will act as curated sources of information for you and others to easily link to help educate and answer questions. 

New updated version of our Live CD

Github Repo: -
Direct download: -
- This live-cd is to help people more easily and securely set up a machine to create offline generated keys and accounts.

Welcome to eosio livecd.

This xubuntu desktop version comes preloaded
with some nice software like:

* cleos-v2
* eosio-keygen
* keepassxc
* achor wallet

along with other standard tools.

Firewall (ufw) is enabled and blocks all
incoming and outgoing traffic per default (except for outgoing DNS and HTTPS).

We have a walkthrough of how to use this that you can find here:


This month has been filled with personal and Infrastructure issues.
We have worked with them and come out stronger on the other side, with new hardware, new solutions and a long-term plan to prevent similar issues to ever happen again. Plus, we got the perfect excuse to buy more hardware, the most fun part of running nodes for WAX. 
We also helped get WAXP onto another exchange, although, it's only in their futures as of now. 


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