Upgraded Hyperion API Cluster

Over the past few months we have quietly been working in the background to upgrade and optimize our services. This includes performance in pretty much all Back end aspects of our operation. We are constantly learning and evaluating and apply the latest knowledge to all areas of our operation. Upgrades and optimizations are something we consider always occurring and never expect to be finished. Even though we have reached a state where our changes are less frequent and smaller in scale, there's always something that can be improved. Our current operation is fairly reliable, powerful and stable. 

New, improved performance

When it comes to API's, we are one of only two providers of full history API on the EOS blockchain. This is because it is costly and inefficient to run, but something we consider worth offering. Our goal is to provide just as reliable and long term solution for WAX. This has been leading us into the current improved setup where we have upgraded the Hyperion version we utilize. This meant we had to replay all history of the WAX blockchain, which ensures that we have the correct and full history data. 

Upgraded hardware infrastructure

Our API cluster has of course also gotten a nice upgrade in the hardware side. We currently run 8 nodes for Hyperion, and are working on adding another 3. The size of our Hyperion cluster allows us to handle a high amount of requests which makes us ready for more DAPPs to come to WAX and utilize our API cluster. On top of our Hyperion API cluster, we provide 6 native nodeos API's. This includes our 5Ghz high speed push API that we have previously mentioned. These 6 consist of 2 Fully History, 2 Tiny History and 2 Push-API nodes. Incoming calls to our API will be divided between all nodes in an efficient manner, and we can easily scale this up further if that is needed. We strongly believe in the importance of creating tools that enables smooth and easy on-boarding for developers, which is why our cluster is and will be fully open and available, for free.

WAX is fully moved to the new cluster

We switched to our new setup without any downtime. This should mean that any DAPP and/or user that uses our endpoint should not have noticed anything. All though our new cluster should be even faster and more reliable than before. WAX is fully indexed and ready to use. 

API SSL: https://api.waxsweden.org/
API http: http://api.waxsweden.org/

Play and explore our API here: https://api.waxsweden.org/v2/docs/index.html
If you want to play using Command line interface, you can download cleos-v2 from our github ( https://github.com/eosswedenorg/eos/tree/cleos-v2 ) or apt service ( https://eosswedenorg.github.io/apt/ ). 


If you want to ask questions or speak to us, feel free to contact Anders on Telegram or send an email.

Telegram: https://t.me/orcus
E-mail: anders@waxsweden.org

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