WAX Showcase update – March 2020

Time flies by! It's now 4 months since our last showcase update and 5 months since we got elected. During these last months we have done our best to provide value to the community and provide tools that hopefully make the on boarding easier for DAPPs and new guilds. If you have any question in regards to our work, the guilds in general or WAX, don't hesitate to reach out to Anders on telegram. 

As we are tech and infrastructure heavy, this is where our focus has been so far. We still believe there are tons of work to do in this area to help developers and system admins achieve a larger success within the WAX ecosystem. When we have made the on boarding and management easier we have a few different plans to start to create larger value for users. A few or none of these may actually come to realization, so I'll leave it at that until we actually have started to build and have something to show. 

Our Block production & API infrastructure

So far, we have optimized and tweaked our operation to suit the WAX needs, and we believe this is an ongoing process that never ends. Our freely available public WAX API is processing around 150,000,000 requests per month. This has been slowly growing as we see more users and dapps coming to wax i.ex. Bountyblok, karma and waxram.io whom are all using our API. We among multiple guilds also host a price oracle for WAX USD and BTC value. We have had about 22,000 visitors and readers of our provided materials on waxsweden.org. 

We are currently working on optimizing our load balancing for our API, if you notice any issues during this time, just poke us on telegram. 

We also headed the launch of the WAX testnet, and are currently providing multiple services like account and token faucet, including performance testing of API's and chain, as well as the standard API, P2P and producer setup. 

The WAX Office of inspector Generals have ranked us on average at place 1.25.
November 2019: 2nd
December 2019: 1st
January 2020: 1st 
February 2020: 1st 

We have a constant and ongoing work on multiple of the below listed tools, guides, articles and services. 

Tools developed & Provided

  1. EOSIO.iso - Full Linux ISO loaded with all tools needed for Offline generated keys and safe account management. Download here.
  2. EOSIO-keygen - Key generator written in C++ that we continue to improve and add features for.
  3. Cleos-v2 - Command line interface for EOSIO to optimize the functions provided in version 2 of API's. 
  4. APT-get service - Easy way for devs and system admins to install WAX and our other software.
  5. Hyperion Health Check -  On chain tool to keep track of WAX Hyperion API's. Comes with a BOT and telegram channel for up to date information. 
  6. WAX testnet faucet - We provide faucet for testnet accounts and tokens. 
  7. BASH version of the delphioracle price feed.
  8. Basic start.sh and stop.sh scripts - For producer nodes.
  9. WAXmedia - Community channel on telegram for WAX related information
  10. Vote monitor - for Guilds and Proxies, a public example is shown here. 

Easiest way to install WAX 

01 Get our SSL Key

$ curl https://apt.waxsweden.org/key 2> /dev/null | sudo apt-key add -​

02 Add our repository 

​$ sudo apt-add-repository -y 'deb [arch=amd64] https://apt.​waxsweden.org/​wax bionic stable'

$ sudo apt-get update

03 Install WAX

$ sudo apt-get install wax

WAX WPS system has just launched, and we are sure we will see a lot of exciting projects and applications coming out of that. Together with the great Topps partnership, the easy to use Cloud wallet, the future of the WAX ecosystem looks bright. 

If you want to contact us, don't hesitate to reach out to Anders on Telegram.

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